Healing Energy Only 

Designed to assist you on your healing journey, The Healing Energy Only Kit is perfect for beginners looking for a safe and judgment free space to heal.

Every month a new kit full of wonderful & helpful surprises is sent to guide you on your journey.

Kits are limited as they also come with personal development as well as a private community granting access to a library of resources and social & network opportunities. 

If you've been looking for support, look no more.

Why H.E.O. Kit?


"It's the Only Community Dedicated to Supporting Your Journey Rather than Just Taking Your Hard Earned Money."

Don't you get tired of unhelpful stuff, fluff, and fillers you don't need when you seriously need help with a problem? 

Maybe tired of non useful subscription boxes filled with stuff you won't, don't, or care to use? 

Have you signed up with coaches and their empty promises?

That's why I created the Healing Energy Only Kit!

Promoting only "GOOD VIBES", the H.E.O. Kit is a box of personal gifts to you that come with 100% SUPPORT & CONVENIENCE

Offering a monthly subscription or one time purchase, H.E.O. Kit comes with community, support, and guidance. 


Hi, I'm Victorya, founder, owner & operator of Infinite Link & creator of Healing Energy Only. 

A super dedicated community lead by me and maybe soon you too.

My passion is supporting my people, and you are my people. 

I remember a time I desperately yearned for a place of belonging. I needed real, genuine people in my corner who understood my journey and could hold my hand when I needed that extra push. 

I've spent thousands of dollars joining  coaching programs that offered little to no help unless I was ready to drop 5k or better for their attention and hopefully time. I've spent countless dollars buying E-courses and books that still left me trying to figure it out. Confused with an overload of information I didn't know what to do with. I use to pray for a person to show up with it in their heart to just see me and my efforts. Hear me, see my dedication but I was disappointed waiting. 

It was the disappointment I needed to start turning with in. During meditation one day it came to me "Be the help you seek".


There are processes, procedures, and laws to success. If your here you are already on the right track. So congratulations. I bet your an  eager optimistic, lead by faith, ready to get to work on your dreams. Ready to jump into things with the heart of "I can do it!" & You are right, you can do anything you want to do, with the proper tools and the right support. 

H.E.O. Kit supplies you monthly with what you need on your journey to success. Whether its success with healing, career & business, or family & home life, whatever it is, the Healing Energy Only community is here for you. 

H.E.O. community will be here for all stages. We will work together to make sure your confident, happy, at peace, and feeling like you ARE winning at life. With us nothing will make you feel like it's impossible. YOU ARE POSSIBLE! Your happiness is not an option & it's waiting for you. 

Included In Membership

  • mindset training

  • daily meditation

  • monthly coaching 

  • entreprenuership tools

  • private community

  • unlimited access to resources

  • monthly Kit with gifts for your successful journey