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Ten Ways To Get Clients

Starting a business can be intimidating. Don’t get me wrong. In the beginning it’s very exciting and you feel like your really doing something. Especially after you’ve invested a lump sum of money into inventory and marketing materials, and your sitting there ready to make a sale to someboby….. anybody…… but nobody shows up ready to buy a thing.

See you could have the best products or service in the market. If no one knows about you or your product than it’s like you have nothing. The name of this game is promoting. You have to have the courage to go put yourself out there and tell everyone your the best and that you offer the best.

Here my ten ways to help you find clients and customers.

1.) Ask your friends and family if they need a coach in your field (aka, you!)

2.) Ask for referrals from peers in complimentary industries

3.) FOCUS ON OUTREACH. I can’t say this enough. DO NOT wait for people to find you.

4.) Get professional photos of yourself that really express your values and who you are as a coach

5.) Interact and ADD VALUE in Facebook groups where your Ideal Clients hang out.

6.) Do strategic guest posting. Aka write for sites that your Ideal Clients read

7.) Take targeted Facebook ads to your opt in or a landing page

8.) Email potential clients and offer them a free Discovery Session

9.) Go to in person meet ups where your Ideal Clients hangout

10.) Offer to speak at local events in your niche

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