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Allergies?... Honey Please.....

I am more into love not war, but during what's supposed to be the "love is in the air" aka mating season, we are also under attack because it's ALLERGY SEASON! The fight with seasonal allergies can feel like a downhill battle. Costing us time and money...


It’s a war not just a battle so those little quick fixes will only get you through the day. IF that! BUT!

Did you know that there's a sweet item in your kitchen that can help get rid of those allergies?!

No medicine or Rx needed!



For the lovey of honey, YES, I will!

I'm a honey fan so by all means bring on the honey…. but for some this can be a shocker.

It completely shocked me.

I suffer from allergies...BAD.

I avoid coming out doors in the spring and early summer.

I'm running to the bathrooms to wash my hands and face constantly.

Coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy skin, skin irritations where ever the pollen touches.

You name it...

Springtime feelings like my death date, year after year, to the point I use cry and get depressed that I'm so triggered by the pollen.

I use to spend hundreds of dollars in allergy meds that sucked the mental clarity out of me and put me to sleep.

It wasn't until about 2016, when I started clean eating and I swapped my sugar for honey that I realized... "hey, I haven't ran out to get another bottle of allergy pills, what's going on?".

I went to the doctor and asked about my allergies because this was the year I was going to request the shot. I explained to my doctor that my allergies seemed to disappear.

After telling me that honey is a natural antihistamine I went home to do more research and found that hey, I cured myself from those horrible allergies (temporarily).


Like any good scientist. I put my theory to the test and I stopped using honey. For a year, no honey, and another year, and I found my allergies were still dormant. For about 3 years nothing. Around year 3 I had minor tickles in my nose and sneezing, I went back to using the honey.

There is something to remember....

Honey is not man made like the medicine. So we have to give it time to build up in our system. It is not like taking a hit of honey and your good. Your going to be using the pill and honey in the beginning and after you get use to consistently using honey then you can stop using the meds and continue using RAW honey everyday (if you choose).

If I was you I'd start now. Its Summer right now, so it is just enough time to get that build up for next spring.

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