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3 Goal Tips

If You Don’t have any Goals, What are you Living for?

Did that sound to harsh? That’s not the intent, what I’m saying is what are you living for, like Really....

What’s your why in life?

What goals do you have?

Where are you going, what do you want to be?

What do you feel or know your purpose is?

What are you doing?

What are you going to do?

So many questions, I know… but these are questions we ask ourselves or someone ask us at some point in our life.

I believe everyone has a reason, a “why”.

It may be graduating high school, getting into the college you want, having the career you want.

It may be moving your family out the hood, losing weight, being a great parent, or the best coach.

Each day we get out of bed we are working at something whether we know it or not. Whether we want to or not. Its these questions that guide our decisions and create our goals in life.

So what’s your goals? & Why?

Mine are 1) weigh 165 lbs and buy me a car by my birthday. 2) be worth 1 billion by the time I die

Goals can change, they also have layers. Sometimes in order to get to the big goal you have to accomplish a few smaller goals.

Here are my 3 GOAL TIPS for successful goals...


Using the SMART Goal system works.

It stands for (Specific- Clearly defined) (Measurable- Criteria for measuring progress / How you know you met your goal.) (Achievable- Realistic and attainable) (Relevant- truly important and worth the time and effort.) (Time-bound- Start and end date which motivates you to meet your goal.)


Where are you currently and how far away is that from your goal. Don’t let it discourage you. Its just a needed reality check that will help motivate you to keep working toward your goal.


Make sure you have a strategy for how you will reach your goal. Break your goal into steps and work at each step.

With those three tips you’ll be reaching your goals before you know it.

The most important key I could ever give is be consistent. Don’t give up on yourself, your worth it. You are possible.

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